Government, Rector and Plenum again at the same table

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The Ss. Cyrill and Methodius University will host the second meeting on the proposed new law for higher education on Tuesday. Representative from Macedonia’s largest University, the Government and the Education and Science Ministry, and students and professors will take part in the discussion.


At the first, five hour long meeting last Thursday, it was agreed that working groups are formed to analyze the situation in Macedonia’s higher education and prepare a draft text for a new law. Minister Abdulakim Ademi didn’t say whether the new law will include a proposal for a new state examination for university students.

This exam was sparked several protests from university and high school students. Another sticking point in the package of five education laws that were adopted recently, was the new obligation for university professors to have a minimum number of research papers published in internationally relevant magazines. Students and professors formed protest organizations, which are currently organizing sleep-overs and alternative lectures in five universities in Skopje

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