Jankulovska: The behavior of young political activism turns into violence

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In today’s world of modern security risks, the phenomenon of radicalization is increasingly present in every society in which, parts of the youth population embraces extreme positions and ideas, it changes its behavior, from political activism it is translated into the use of violent means and methods.


This, among other things was emphasized by the Interior Minister Gordana Jankulovska in her speech yesterday in the framework of the fourth session of the Summit dedicated to violent extremism held in Washington organized by the US State Department, including the participation of representatives from sixty countries worldwide.

Addressing the summit, at which speech had US President Barack Obama, Jankulovska, as announced by the Interior Ministry, said that along with the danger of damage to social cohesion, deepening polarization along ethnic-religious lines and the emergence of international religious or intercultural tensions – the main threat, and the top security priority for all countries becomes the possibility of a terrorist act.


Minister of the Interior emphasized that Macedonia is facing new challenges, constantly upgraded its normative and institutional capacities, creating own security strategy, aligned with local needs, but also the efforts of the international community to fight terrorism.

– In this respect, the work of the police in the community as relatively new concept of police work is effective tool in the fight against terrorism. However, it is different in different countries. To use policing community to prevent terrorism is to adapt to the political, social, and geographical context where the specific approach should be implemented. The extent to which that community policing can contribute in the fight against terrorism depends on the level of trust and cooperation which already exists between the police and the public, Jankulovska stressed.

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