Government will help families whose houses were burned in Veles

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Minister of Labor and Social Policy Dime Spasov and Mayor of Veles today visited families whose houses were burned in fire that broke out last night around midnight in the neighborhood Dvorovi in the center of town.


-These people lost everything they have earned during their life. Affected are three houses and two families lost their homes, completely. We are in cooperation with the Red Cross and the victims will receive initial assistance in blankets, bedding, food and hygiene products and what they need, highlight Spasov, adding that the victims through the Ministry and Centre for Social Assistance will be awarded lump financial assistance, reported MIA.

He emphasized that all responsible will monitor and help the victims to get out of the social situation in which they are found, and that the business sector and citizens will help to re-build their homes.

Mayor Chadiev all night was at the scene and coordinated the activities for rescue burned people, announced that in addition to the one-time assistance to the families from the MLSP,  the municipality Veles will help them.

– After inspection of the police, we will work on clearing the two burned houses, because as there is already completed tender procedure for destroying buildings prone to collapse, promised Chadiev and announced that initially will be provided rent for families who have nowhere to live.

Silvana Mishkova, spokesman of Veles hospital informed that last night in the hospital were brought six people.

– After assistance, four of them were immediately released from hospital because of light body injury, and two patients aged 49 and 51 years were hospitalized. After examination of the medical team that there are no serious injuries and burns and they were sent to home treatment, highlight Mishkova.

The fire erupted last night around midnight in house located on the street “Gjore Organdziev” No. 29 in Veles, where the fire raged through the lower and upper floor of family house of Boshkovi.

– By police officers immediately was provided help to the people found in the house, i.e.  through the window was pulled 16-year-old child who showed signs of poisoning from smoke and he was given help by the team of emergency medical aid. There were attempts to extract and 74-year Jelica B. which was located on the top floor of the house. Unfortunately, due to demolition of the stairs, it was not possible and she died, highlight spokesman from Veles Police Station Anita Stojkovska, reported MIA.

Fire caught next door family Janushevi, which is patch house and both houses were completely burned. The fire spread to neighboring house where was located the textile factory Rasheto with had completely burnt inside.

– Otherwise the fire was initiated by explosion of the bottle with CO2 from the house of the family Boshkovi, where originally broke out the fire and commander of the fire department and two people – neighbors who participated in extinguishing the flames with sustained injuries, she informs and adds that they are still determining the reasons for the fire.

In the intervention to extinguish the fire Fire Department of Veles got help from fire crews from Skopje, Kavadarci, Sveti Nikole and Shtip who fought all night with the fire,  and was prevented greater tragedy, to affect with fire and surrounding houses, which snap up and close to each other.

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