DETAILS: There was no hope to rescue the woman, her minor grandson poisoned (PHOTO)

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True horror took place last night at midnight, after fire broke out in the two houses at  the place called Dvorovi in Veles. It is already known that the fire, which later engulfed other  three houses, died 75 years Jelica B. and were wounded four people.


New details about the firestorm that swallowed several houses, shows that despite attempts for rescue, it was impossible for Jelica be removed from the house. She was located on the top floor of the house, and attempts to draw her out were unsuccessful because collapsed stairs that led to the upper floor, after they were affected by the fire. There was no more hope. Jelica was with his son and her minor grandson in the house.


Her son was unharmed in the fire, while grandson who is 16 years old, showed signs of smoke inhalation and he received medical care from emergency unity. In the terrible fire was wounded commander of the Fire Department, and two neighbors who helped to extinguish the flames. According to current information, they have received minor injuries.

The fire was brought under control, and police say the inspection will be conducted once are created conditions for it.


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