Pivara Skopje Gets A-Integrated Environmental Permit

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Macedonia’s brewery Pivara Skopje obtained an A-Integrated Environmental Permit acknowledging that the company is applying high standards to protect the environment in all segments of its functioning.

The permit was presented Monday by Vice PM for Economic Affairs, Vladimir Pesevski and Minister of Environment and Physical Planning, Abdilaqim Ademi.

Pivara Skopje is a leading company in Macedonia not only with respect to investments and technology, but also in terms of preserving the environment, according to Pesevski.

The awarding of the A-Integrated Environmental Permit comes as a result of company’s implemented operational plan, said minister Ademi.

“With regard to the environment, Pivara Skopje was recognised as a company that continuously makes efforts and invests in improving the environment. To take care of the environment is much more than to implement legal provisions,” Ademi noted.

Pivara Skopje is the only company in Macedonia and the region that has constructed a plant for the bio-treatment of wastewater – an investment of nearly 3 million euros.

“Environmental protection is integrated into the company’s strategy and incorporated into long-term development plans,” the company’s general manager Jaak Mikkel stated.

Other companies that have obtained the A-Integrated Environmental Permit include Johnson Matthey, Feni, Cementara Skopje, Jugohrom Jagunovce, etc.

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