Gasoline Eurosuper 98, Diesel Prices Drop

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The price of gasoline EUROSUPER BS-98 and diesel prices will decrease by half a Denar per liter as of Monday midnight. The price of EUROSUPER BS-95 remains unchanged.

The new price of EUROSUPER BS-98 is Denar 84.50 per liter, EURODIESEL (DE-V) – Denar 71.50 and extra light household fuel (EL-1) – Denar 60.00, the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) has decided.

The price of crude oil M1-HC is also decreased and now stands at Denar 43.4 per kilogram.

Average price of crude oil at world markets in the past fortnight amounted to US$110.7 per barrel, which is by 2.46 percent lower than average price of crude oil (US$113.552/barrel).

Denar exchange rate in relation to the US Dollar in the past fortnight amounted at Denar 47.5 for one US$, which is by 0.3 percent higher than previous.

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