Increased levels of rivers, some poured

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Heavy rainfall and warm weather which caused snow melting, caused increase of water-level in the rivers that are above average values for this time of year.


In western and southeastern parts of the country there is significant increase in the water level, inform from the Administration for hydrometeorology.

Increased levels of water in particular are present at the catchment areas of rivers Crna and Treska where additional increase is expected during the day. At some places in the Pelagonia valley is possible creation of lakes on the arable agricultural land due to increases in the level of groundwater.

Due to heavy rainfall in the eastern part of the country, it is expected increase of river level. As critical areas where it is possible significant increase in water level and local flood of water from river beds, are the confluence of Bregalnica, Kriva reka, Treska at the area Plasnica, Devichka clift, Pchinja near Pelince and composition with its left flow Kriva and Strumica region.

During the day sharp rise in the water level occurred at Crna reka, the upper and middle part of the river. Water-meter- station at Novaci for just a few hours noticed increased level for 30 cm, and the hydrological station at village Dolenci where the water level rose for 15 cm. At Pchinja is registered increase of water level by 25 cm at Pelince, while in the lower part at Katlanovska Bath, water level rose by 8 cm.

Due to the melting snow, the increased water level is expected at the water flows coming from the area of mountain Kozuf and tributaries of Vardar in its lower parts.

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