ACC: Companies are facing with lack of qualified highly educated personnel

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The private sector is facing a shortage of qualified highly educated personnel, which can in two to three months to engage in the business of the company and start contributing in current operations, believes Association of Chambers of Commerce.


-Very often, companies are facing with additional costs for additional education of staff who plans to hire and we think it should be the task of the educational system. The qualified personnel with adequate knowledge and skills will be more competitive in the labor market, will soon find work, will be paid more and the employer will be encouraged additionally to motivated to keep them in their company, stated the executive director of the Association of Commerce Commerce Mitko Aleksov.

ACC proposed to be represented principle of projects and solve specific situations of the real sector in higher education, where theoretical knowledge can be applied in the practical parts of the exams and more specifically the theory and practice to be represented during the studies.

-We are prepared to give contribution, as companies from all economic sectors in exactly the practical part, said Aleksov.

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