Jankuloska at the Ministers forum, Macedonia is fighting against terrorism?

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“States are increasingly concerned about their safety from the phenomenon of foreign terrorist fighters. Undoubtedly dealing with this problem imposes comprehensive approach that will bring together measures for the prevention of radicalization that leads to terrorism, cutting off financial support to terrorist organizations, vigorous struggle against violent extremism, and promotion of the political and religious tolerance.”


This, among other things, said Interior Minister Gordana Jankulovska at the Ministerial forum for Interior and Justice – “EU-Western Balkans”, organized by the Italian Presidency held today in Belgrade.

Speaking on the subject of the fight against terrorism with particular emphasis on the appearance of recruiting foreign fighters, Jankulovska stressed that the Republic of Macedonia in the last year has taken coordinated action to hinder this trend. Besides Strategy for Combating Terrorism 2011-2015 and Action Plan for its execution, the Government of the Republic Macedonia appointed National Coordinator for Combating Terrorism and adopted changes to the Criminal Code for participation in foreign military, paramilitary, police, para police and other armed groups. According to Jankulovska, Syrian and Iraqi conflicts mobilize foreign fighters, including citizens of Macedonia, and by mid-2012 were registered departure of volunteer jihadists, i.e. according to operational information so far were killed 15 people.


Jankuloska spoke at the session “The fight against organized crime with special focus on anti-arms trade, human trafficking and smuggling of migrants.”

-Illegal arms trafficking and smuggling of migrants will continue to be present in the region, so it is beyond doubt the need to maintain vigilance and harmonize measures in this area”, emphasized, among other things, Jankulovska. In regard to the topic of “mechanisms to monitor the post-visa liberalization” Jankulovska expressed satisfaction with the decision of the German authorities that Macedonia, Serbia and BiH are put on the list of safe countries of origin and gradually reducing the number of asylum seekers from the Republic of Macedonia to the European Union, especially in Germany, which is confirmed by the latest statistics from reports of “Frontex”. In this context Jankuloska presented part of series of measures taken by our country in terms of preventing the appearance of false asylum seekers. “The measures aimed at discovering and detecting the organizers of illegal migration resulted in the filing of 13 new charges against 25 people since the beginning of this year. Since the introduction of the offense of “abuse of visa liberalization” were filed criminal charges against 59 people, said Jankulovska.

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