Mucunski: Students protest against themselves alone

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With the introduction of the state exam, universities will not lose their autonomy, considered doctoral candidate at the Faculty of Law, Timcho Mucunski.


If a student protest has its objective set and sincere intention to improve the quality of education, being free from the influence of political pressure that can undoubtedly be useful, but if any gathering of students is used as alibi to achieve some political partisan purposes then the question of its viability is posed. This is where the dilemma lies in protest. Namely, this group of young people creates paradoxical situation. They, like all other students, are invited to participate actively in the creation of this process through public hearings that will be organized by the Ministry of Education. Hence, the question arises – for what they are protesting?, says doctoral candidate Timcho Mucunski.

“It is especially critical that these reforms do not relate personally to these generations protest. In this situation, it is protest, which is pointless or it is something that is called political obstruction. I understand this in this way, above all, because in the legislative process, there is no obligation to conduct public hearing. This public debate shows the government’s desire to involve all stakeholders in the creation of qualitatively good reform step,” adds Mucunski.

He said that it would be better for students, to which he belongs too, instead to go out on street, to give their objections to the public hearings where anyone can point out its position in democratic way. Mucunski added that the result from the external evaluation is positive and it is obvious that previously organized protests against it were irrelevant.

“When it comes to the state exam I think its introduction will bring additional quality in the educational process, will assert the need for improving the quality of the teaching staff that is doing the instruction and will require students to dedicate profound attention to the matter in question, explore and later in their life to put in practice. With this education will get its goal, which is quality staff. It is in the interest of the students, but also of our country as whole. Each student, current, and future, who wants quality education, will support the process, it is undeniable fact. In this sense, I see the protests of the students as a protest against themselves. Taking the state exam should be one additional check that the general framework of knowledge of the matter that has already been learned in the previous specified period of time and in order to determine whether the student during the mentioned period devoted enough attention to learn the content and whether his work had actually been evaluated by the higher education institution. The actual valuation is extremely important criterion that is also starting basis for determining the future development of the student, seen as competitor in the labor force, or within extension of his career in scientific research field. I believe that the questions that will be conceptualized will require minimal knowledge for the basic institutions and should not represent additional intellectual effort of students as that have already mastered it,” he explains.

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