Vajgl for Alfa: I directly called Zaev to return to Parliament

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I told personally to SDSM leader that the opposition must returned to Parliament, said in the exclusive interview with Alfa, Ivo Vajgl, Slovenian MEP and new Rapporteur for Macedonia.


-I found out that the first thing that Macedonia alone must decide is to establish normal relationship between the parliamentary opposition and the government. Parliament is a place where the opinions are opposed and where you can have dialog about disagreements on issues. It means that the opposition must returned to Parliament. That was my message to the leader of the opposition – when you have 30 percents of the votes, it is great power, you have significant term given by the constituents and it should be used, rather than practically reject it. But it requires and respect by the Government and the party that won at the elections, said Vajgl.

In the interview he added that Macedonia can start negotiations, Greece should show that has the spirit of the good European neighbourhood and the Union must offer new approach in the process of expanding.

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