Whole SDSM and Soros involved in students protests

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SDSM through their communication centers organize members of the party for the announced protest of students on Wednesday. It is clear that the largest opposition party and Soros Foundation’s organizationsin the country directly initiate and encourage the student protests.


Communication centers of SDSM, senior officials, activists of the opposition, people who are known in the public as their open supporters, former advisers, joined the call for protests by students.

Correspondence from the so called organization Student plenum which published statement urging citizens, students, teachers, members of political parties to join the second student march against what they say reckless reforms in higher education, at the social networks is published by several communication centers of SDSM.

Besides communication centers of SDSM, the call for student protests actively are involved senior officials from the opposition and experts close to the Soros Foundation. Professor Biljana Vankovska announces participation in the protest and agitate among students to protest.

-I CRY ALOUD (and therefore lower case)! We wait for Student plenum to set the date, to united in larger number, to walk out on the streets and stand before MES, wrote Vankovska.


Mirjana Najchevska, professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, one of megaphones of Soros also announced participation in the protest and agitate students to get out.


The call to protest is supported by Sophia Kunovska, former counselor in City of Skopje from SDSM.


Lence Nikolovska journalist, member of the SDSM and MP also shared the letter of Student plenum and the call for protest.


The brother of the open opposition supporter the columnist Ivor Mickovski, Kiko Mickovski, which was noted at the first protest of students shared the call to go out on protests on Wednesday.


LGBT activists, and activists of the Social Democratic Youth are also actively involved in the organization of the protest.



Once again was proved that informal student organization “Student plenum” which again announces protests for December 10 against the proposed state exam, which should increase the quality of education is high education does not exists, i.e. the protests are initiated, led and directly coordinated by high officials of the opposition SDSM. All the information that appeared in public confirm the relation between SDSM and Student plenum, which is nothing else but,extended hand of SDSM, controlled by the Youth Educational Forum (YEF), which for years has been funded by the Soros Foundation.

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