Vajgl: There is no reason not to start the Macedonia negotiations for EU

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The current Rapporteur for Macedonia at the European Parliament, Richard Howitt, today at publicly session entrusted his office to the successor, Slovenian Ivo Vajgl.


At today’s public entrusting of his term, Howitt said he will continue to advocate for Macedonia and deeply regrets that Macedonia in this period did not became member of the EU and that he was disappointed that they did not did more for the country.

Howitt considered Macedonia fulfills the Copenhagen criteria and can start negotiations, but added that it is necessary to introduce innovative approach to unblock stalled integration process. In relation to boycott of the Assembly Howitt believes it is wrong step and that all problems should be solved within the institutions.

His successor, Ivo Vajgl underlined that Macedonia has always had influential friends in the European Parliament. He stressed that Macedonia should start negotiations, because reports of the European Commission showed it and said that he would never use term FYROM for Macedonia.

-I am come here to listen you. I am very grateful to the political leadership that gave me the opportunity during my first official visit to interact with almost all relevant people on the political scene, Vajgl underlined.

The diplomat, he concluded should help solving the problems, not to create them, but the biggest problem is Macedonia’s membership in the EU.

-There are many reasons to believe that there is no better alternative for Macedonia and its citizens than the EU. And I think there’s no better advice for the EU than then Macedonia to join the union, without any further delay, he said.

My priority, he concluded is to deliver messages on the best possible way from Macedonia to European Parliament and European Commission. In addition, his first message has already been delivered and that was his opinion that there is no reason not to start the EU negotiations.

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