Macedonia with new advance of three places at Transparency International list

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According to the latest survey by Transparency International for 2014, the Republic of Macedonia is one of the top ranked countries that successfully deal with corruption in the region.


This year Macedonia has progressed at the list of Transparency International, for 3 places. According to this year’s survey, Republic of Macedonia is on the 64th place, just behind Croatia and Slovenia, while behind us are Turkey at 64, Bulgaria at 69, Romania at 69, Greece at 69, Montenegro at 76, Serbia at 78, Bosnia and Herzegovina at 80, Albania and Kosovo at 110 place.

In previous years i.e. from 2012 onwards, Macedonia has noted steady progress from 5 places, climbing to position of the least corrupted country in the region.

In the region, over the previous year setback for several places marked Croatia, Turkey, Montenegro, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, while progress marked Slovenia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Albania and Kosovo. Romania, for two years in row keeps  69 place.

Macedonia in 2013 was ranked at 67th place by the index of perception of corruption, which was an improvement of two places in terms of the ranking from 2012 year.


Transparency International concluded that corruption remains serious problem in the world. Appeals to take global measures against it and phenomena encouraging money laundering, illegal political funding and transparent operation of state institutions.

Jump of 42 places compared to 2006

Based on the results of this report it is showed that Macedonia is fighting against corruption and therefore managed to advance, 42 places compared to 2006 when SDSM lost power. Then, Macedonia was ranked at 106 place.

In 2007, immediately after the change of government, Macedonia recorded jump of 22 places and reached 84 position with 3.3 points. In 2005, Macedonia was ranked at 103 position and in 2004 at 97 position.

These data contradict the statements of former state officials SDSM that constantly at their public appearances indicate that Macedonia is losing the fight against corruption.

The success in combating corruption confirmation is provided with reports the State Department, where Macedonia is part of the first strongest group.

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