Gasoline and diesel are significantly cheaper

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Retail prices for EUROSUPER BS-95, BS-EUROSUPER 98 EURODIESEL (DE V) and Extra light household oil (EL-1) is reduced by 2 denars per liter today decided Energy Regulation Commission.


According to today’s decision, by midnight, the new price for EUROSUPER BS95 will be 70 denars per liter, and for EUROSUPER BS98 71.5 denars per liter.

The new price after midnight will be 60 denars for liter diesel.

Extra light household oil (EL-1) will be sold for 48.50 denars per liter.

The retail price of crude oil M-1 NS is decreased by 2,153 denars per kilogram and will be 30.866 denars per kilogram.

This is the lowest price of diesel fuel in recent years.

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