Convergence of views with the European Commission on constitutional amendments in Macedonia

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There is convergence of views between the Republic of Macedonia and the European Commission regarding the proposed changes to the Constitution by inserting open marriage and financial areas, stated for MIA Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski after his meeting today in Brussels with EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule and Director DG enlargement, Christian Danielson.


Meetings with the heads of EU enlargement, as MIA reports, besides Gruevski were attended by Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Zoran Stavrevski and Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki. Several topics were discussed, but according to the Macedonian Prime Minister, the interlocutors focused on two key issues: the proposed constitutional amendments and preparation of Action plan by the Government to deal with the objections noted in the last progress report by European Commission for our country.

– At the meeting with Fule and Danielson we entered deeper into the constitutional changes proposed by the Government and open to debate. We have explained many points, especially after we analyzed a number of things, contacted the Venice Commission. The feeling that I have is seriously approach of positions with representatives of European Commission – said Gruevski after the meetings.


According to President of Macedonian Gouvernment under the proposed constitutional changes, with his interlocutors devoted special attention to the proposed opening of financial zones in the Republic of Macedonia and in terms of the introduction of marriage in the Constitution.

– And talked about other topics, but most of the time was devoted to these two topics because they were pointed as biggest problems by the European Commission and Venice Commission. I would not like to forecast in advance, but I have the impression that with the talks we approached our positions and things, I hope, will go in the right direction. Of course, we opened all the other topics that are important and are current for Macedonia, but mostly we concentrated on these points, said Gruevski.


Macedonian Prime Minister confirmed that he informed File and Danielson that the Government of Republic of Macedonia is preparing Action plan for reform that is expected in the next ten days to be adopted. The plan, according to Gruevski, has raised from the recommendations in the report on Macedonia’s progress in European integration EC.

Asked by MIA correspondent from Brussels, if today’s convergence of positions in Brussels regarding the proposed constitutional changes, means that there is no explicit request by the EC not to modify the Constitution of Macedonia, especially with the introduction of marriage and financial zones Gruevski with response:

– After receiving their comments, we analyzed them, we thought and talked with the representatives of Venice Commission, and now we come back with adapted suggestions for which I think we have convergence of the paragraphs.


By the end of today’s meeting with the heads of EU enlargement, the President of the Government ended his two-day working visit to European capital, where yesterday he attended the Summit of the European People’s Party (EPP) together with the European political elite headed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and EU leaders, Van Rompuy, Barroso and Juncker. During yesterday, he also had successful bilateral meeting with Joseph Dole, President of the EPP, the largest political party in Europe with the largest parliamentary group in the European Parliament.

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