Disruption and disunity among the ruling majority in Municipality Centar

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Quarrels and continue sniping in Municipality Centar. After Monday misunderstandings between the ruling majorities, the same atmosphere continued at the today’s session in Municipality Centar. Disunity and quarrels are more present.


There is obvious conflict of views between the SDSM councilors and the mayor Zhernovski, LDP leader on departure. Although the same advisory group, they seat at one side of the table during sessions, it can be felt and seen the schism and quarrels among parties, manifested in the conflict between the representatives of the SDSM and Zhernovski on behalf of the LDP.

In this tense atmosphere the drop, which “full the glass” is impatience that has emerged from other opposition party of the formation of group in the Municipality Center. Namely, as assumed, not coordinated views of the opposition coalition affect some politicians from NSDP.

The only adviser from this party, is running away from meetings of the Municipality Center. Marija Boshkovska Jankovski was not present on today’s session, and presumably will not appear tomorrow or when are scheduled council issues. Chairman Shipovikj publicly mentioned her absence.

The work of the Municipality Center whose mayor is the leader of the LDP, obviously does not want NSDP to participate. Thus, councilor Marija, left last meeting and when came to light the relation in the opposition coalition.

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