“Johnson Matthey” expects exports of 900 million euro in 2014

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“Johnson Matthey” in Macedonia for 2014 is expecting to achieve exports of 800 to 900 million, but not for long time its value will exceed one billion, said Robert MaCleod, chief executive of the company, who led the delegation of members of the Board of Directors of the company based in the UK, to visit their factory located in TIRZ Bunardzhik- Skopje.


– Things are going well, but it will depend on market conditions. However, plans for the growth of the company going as expected, MaCleod,  said at press conference, adding that they are satisfied with the results they received from investing in Macedonia.

With regard to the future business plans of the company, MaCleod, says they will largely depend on developments in the European car market and legislation in the automotive field.

– Currently, the car market works pretty well, but we are expecting the new legislation and it will depend on whether it will continue to expand production or not. If new legislation is acceptable and continued growth of the car market then the plant in Macedonia is certainly one of the key features that the board will consider for further extensions, said MaCleod.

The director of the TIDZ Viktor Mizo informed that yestrday the representatives of the board of Johnson Matthey was held and presentation of investment opportunities in Macedonia given that many of the board members are non-executive members that do not work directly for Johnson Matthey, but for other companies.

The delegation from Johnson Matthey on Tuesday met Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and other representatives of the country and are satisfied with the business conditions as well as the support of the Directorate for Technological Industrial Development Zones and other government institutions.

We are satisfied with the supply of labor. They say there is shortage of staff in relation to the field of motion control and engineering, as well as with the people trained for the required skills.

Currently the factory in Bunardzgik, which is their greatest product unit in the world, 540 people work, but is expected by the end of the year their number to increase to 650.

Regarding their second investment in plant construction in TIDZ Shtip, things are going according to planned dynamics and cost less than the planned budget.

Exports of TIDZ Bunardzgjik for the first eight months are about 760 million euro.

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