The cooperation with “City College” continues, 20 Macedonian citizens will receive scholarships

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Continues the cooperation with “City College” at the “Sheffield” in the UK, located in Thessaloniki. 20 Macedonian citizens will get scholarships “Boris Trajkovski” for the academic year 2014/2015 for this prestigious university. The call for applications will be announced today.

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The Protocol for Cooperation was signed today by the Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov, Deputy Minister of Education and Science Spiro Ristovski and Ioannis Ververidis director of “City College” in Thessaloniki.

This year the scholarships will be awarded for second-cycle studies of the Executive Program in Business and Administration.

The knowledge and education do not recognize borders. They are part of open space that creates open-minded people, people who see opportunity in challenges and friend in neighboring. I am especially proud that these scholarships are named after the late President Boris Trajkovski, which offered to the region worldview of dialogue as a prerequisite for building trust and unity between people, countries and peoples, said President Gjorge Ivanov.

Ivanov expects grantees to upgrade their knowledge and demonstrate that building higher quality staff is always most profitable investment.

20 scholarships will be earmarked for Macedonian citizens at the age over 24 years and with at least 3 years experience interested in studying marketing, general management, finance, logistics, or health management.

Deputy Minister for Education Spiro Ristovski said that one of the key partners in the field of higher education is just City College with which the cooperation lasts for 4 years.

-Total 80 Macedonian citizens were able to upgrade their knowledge at this prestigious educational institution, which is part of the University of Great Britain Sheffield indicated Ristovski.

Scholarships are traditionally provided by the President of the Republic of Macedonia, the Ministry of Education, and Science of the Republic of Macedonia, the International Foundation “Boris Trajkovski” and “City College” Thessaloniki. The value of scholarship is 14.890 Euro. The Government of the Republic of Macedonia provides half of the funds, i.e. 7.445 euro, and the other half b “City College” Thessaloniki.

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