Unemployment in Macedonia continues to decline

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The unemployment rate in the second quarter of this year was 28.2 percents and decreased in relation to 2013, for 8 percent in the previous quarter to 0.2 percent, according to the State Statistical Office.


The total number of working age population in Macedonia in the second quarter was 957,790 people, out of which 270,325 are unemployed, while 687,465 people are employed.

More than half of the unemployed or 159,368 or 59 percents are male, while 110,957 or 41 percents are women.

According to SSO most of employments, 130,107 employees are in the manufacturing industry, 127,342 in agriculture, 96,569 in trade and 46,696 in construction.

The activity rate in this period was 57.3, employment rate is 41.1 and unemployment 28.2.

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