Gruevski: State to Pay Entire Debt to Economy by February 2013

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The late payment of VAT return and invoices as of tomorrow will be reduced gradually aimed at by end of Feb. 2013 this problem to be surpassed, PM Nikola Gruevski announced Sunday addressing the representatives of the economic chambers.

Our goal and promises are to complete half of our goal by end of Nov. 2012 and by end of Feb. 2013 the problem will be fully eliminated, Gruevski said.

The means for realisation of this promise are provided. Our second goals is after its elimination, to prevent re-occurrence of this problem during next year and this will be put as a priority in creating the fiscal policy in 2013.

Gruevski said that until the beginning of the global crisis, i.e. the last quarter of 2006, 2007 and 2008, Macedonia was an example of on time VAT return in a very short legal deadline of 30 days.

It is a fact that besides succeeding as a state and as a government to avoid or to mitigate the consequences, which many other countries in Europe failed to avoid, still the budget liquidity was affected, and we are feeling this both by late VAT returns and by payment of obligations.

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