Signed Letter of agreement between the United States and Macedonia

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Macedonia is completely ready to realize their aspirations for membership in NATO and EU, and we really encouraged it said the American Ambassador Paul Wohlers at the signing of the Second Amendment to the Letter of Agreement from 2012 for law enforcement between the governments of the Republic Macedonia and the United States.


The Letter of Agreement, which was signed today by Wohlers and Ministers of Interior and Justice, Gordana Jankulovska and Adnan Jashari, will further strengthen the capacity of institutions to fight against crime and corruption in Macedonia.

Macedonia is regional leader in the fight against human trafficking rated with first level, and in the fight against cybercrime. I want to thank Macedonia for being our excellent partner in the fight against terrorism, said Wohlers.

Jankuloska noted that the recent years have been marked by rather dynamic and intensive reforms in the Macedonian police in all areas of its operation.

-Ministry of Justice in the past period undertook serious steps to reform the judiciary in the procedure for the adoption of amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia. In that spirit, the time in which the activities from the Letter of Agreement are carried out correspond to the implementation of new regulatory solutions in the field of justice. Their main goal is to provide adequate access to justice for citizens, said Minister of Justice.

Jashari said that the Ministry of Justice and the Government will continue the activities for further strengthening the independence of the judiciary, which will contribute to respect for the rule of law as one of the basic tenets of democratic society.

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