Political Consultation Between Macedonian, Russian MoFA

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A delegation of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, led by the Ministry’s Fourth European Department Director, Andrey Maslov, pays a visit Monday to Macedonia, in order to hold political consultations with their Macedonian counterparts, led by the State Counselor for Bilateral Relations with Non-European and Eurasian Countries, Paskal Stojcevski.

As part of the visit, Maslov has also been received by Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikola Poposki. At the meeting, Minister Poposki and Maslov have exchanged their views and positions on the overall development of the bilateral relations, cooperation and strategic partnership between the two friendly countries, focusing, as well, on the potentials for their future strengthening and intensification in all areas of mutual interest, both at the political and economic levels.

Moreover, at his meeting with Minister Poposki, the senior Russian diplomat has emphasized that the Russian Federation sees the Republic of Macedonia as both an important and privileged partner.

Poposki and Maslov have reaffirmed the fact that Macedonia and Russia have been enjoying an excellent political dialogue between each other, with the two countries’ most senior officials exchanging visits at an ever increasing rate and frequency. In that context, they have welcomed Minister Poposki’s forthcoming return visit to the Russian Federation, which has been scheduled for the second half of 2012.

At their political consultations, which have been moderated by the Director for Non-European and Eurasian Countries at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia, Paskal Stojcevski, the representatives of the two Ministries have reflected on a number of issues concerning the development of the bilateral relations between Macedonia and Russia, placing a special emphasis on the potentials for upgrading the existing legal framework between the two countries by concluding new bilateral agreements, strengthening their economic cooperation and trade, diversifying their cooperation in areas such as culture, education and tourism, as well as  strengthening their cooperation within the various international organizations.

Moreover, the representatives of the Macedonian foreign ministry have reassured their Russian counterparts of the Macedonian interest in further intensifying the economic relations with the Russian Federation and fully pursuing the projects aimed at supplying the Republic of Macedonia with Russian gas by the country joining the South Stream gas pipeline project. On that note, the Macedonian delegation has also reaffirmed the country’s interest in attracting as many Russian direct investments as possible.

In addition to that, the delegations of the Macedonian and Russian foreign ministries have also deliberated upon a number of topical issues on the international agenda, discussing, as well, certain issues of regional importance, including their countries’ foreign policy priorities with regard to the latest developments in their immediate surroundings, Macedonia’s MoFA said in a press release.

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