“Kathimerini”: The interest of the international community can speed up the resolution of the name dispute

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Greek diplomatic sources say that the revival of international interest for the name issue is factor that can speed up developments, writes the online edition of “Kathimerini”.


– Diplomats consider Gruevski’s claims that Athens is responsible for the delay, potentially result from the pressure that gradually begins to feel by the international community. At the same time, the Greek side is reassuring allies and partners that the European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Macedonia depends not only on the name issue, but also on the need to meet number of other criteria, writes the pro-government newspaper.

Almost all Greek media in their electronic editions published report on Tuesday’s meeting of the UN mediator Matthew Nimetz with Foreign Minister Evangelos Venizelos, mostly reporting the news of the state news agency. They say that Athens once again made ​​it clear that would not accept name with geographical qualifier before “Republic”, only before “Macedonia” and it can be the name for all uses.

Venizelos described the meeting with Nimetz as “useful and interesting”.

– We have said what we have to say. I repeat what I said publicly in the Greek Parliament, the European Parliament and what I said during my visit to Skopje, report Greek media on Venizelos’ statement.

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