Subsidies stimulus for the development of tourism and the increasing number of foreign tourists

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Subsidized carrying foreign tourists, categorization of hotel facilities, draw the tourist development zones. These are measures that in past years, the Government introduced, intensively investing in tourism. According to experts, these policies stimulate the development of all types of tourism, including rural and mountainous, writes


-These are good signs that there will be more attendance because we have lot of interest from foreign partners, but the problem is that we cannot offer adequate facilities, for example, mountain homes, marked mountain trails, which means there is room in this field to do a lot, says for Lider Mano Stavrevski, project manager of Visit Macedonia.

Travel agents consider that direct financial assistance in the hospitality business is good incentive for the development of tourism in the country. Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism explained that are submitted over 520 applications for subsidies, and are approved over 1 million euro for organizing tourist trips to the country to foreign tour operators.

-In that part especially dominate states from the second round with 80 percents approved means that include the Netherlands, Belgium and the Scandinavian countries. Then get involved in the first, also Austria and Turkey. We now expect to engage Russia given that 65 euro are subsidy for the Russian market. We have agreement with the Russian association of tour operators that currently arrange the terms for starting the campaign on the Russian market, says Kristian Dzambazovski, director of the Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism.

He expects that next year to have increase by visitors from the Russian market.

What remains as challenge is the improvement of the situation of tourism and infrastructure projects. Director of Agency Dzambazovski explains that they are already working on creating better conditions in tourism through numerous projects that are currently being developed.

-We could increase the content in the country and tour-operators will have the opportunity to create more competitive tourist product in the international tourism market. In this regard are projects for paragliding as for the part that would be included in the program of activities in the tour-operators of Republic of Macedonia for active tourism from America where we have provided presentations for late August and early September i.e. on August 31 will arrive 35 tour operators on informative journey from the American Association for active tourism which is the world’s largest of its kind and is comprised of 1,000 tour operators dealing with active tourism, announces Dzambazovski.

Last year the number of foreign tourists in the country was increased by 14 percents, which is 2.5 times more than the world average, according to the World Tourism Organization. Forecasts are that by the end of 2014 the figure will exceed 450,000 foreign visitors.

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