U.S. Embassy Donates Equipment to the Border Police and Customs

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Binoculars with long-range devices for review, radiation detection pagers, computers and equipment for simultaneous translation, worth 142 thousand U.S. dollars is donation that today the U.S. Ambassador Paul Wohlers delivered to the Minister of Interior Affairs Gordana Jankuloska and Natasha Radeska-Krstevska, director of Customs Administration for the needs of the Border police and Customs.


This 11th donation of equipment by the United States in the last three years, as part of the Program for Export Control and Border The Security (EXBS) was awarded for enhancing the ability of the Macedonian Border Police and Customs enforcement of professional border control along the border and cross border points.

Minister Jankuloska expressed appreciation for the significant assistance and support from the U.S. government and expressed hope that the cooperation will continue in the future and will contribute to the further progress of the Republic of Macedonia to the Euro-Atlantic integrations.

– Extensive reforms in the Macedonian police in all segments of its operations carried out during the past year are largely due to the partnership and assistance to the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Macedonia and our friends from the U.S., said among other things Jankuloska.

Only within the program for export control and border security needs of customs and border guards from 2000 onwards, she emphasized, through the U.S. Embassy in Macedonia is donated equipment worth over three million dollars, out of which 1.4 million dollars is equipment, which finds its place in the daily operation of police services in their operations in more efficient and better work.

This latest donation worth about 65,000 dollars, informed Jankuloska is composed of highly sophisticated technical equipment for the newly formed units for criminal intelligence and risk analysis, so that they can be equipped according to modern technical standards in the fight against international threats and cross-border crime, according to the positive EU practice and guidelines for analysis of Frontage risk and in accordance with the Common integrated model for risk analysis of countries of the European Union (CIRA).

Safe borders, stressed Ambassador Wohlers, are contributing to internal and regional stability, and today’s donation reflects the strong partnership between EXBS and the Government of Macedonia.

He said the donated equipment would increase the capacity of the two border services in many ways: conducting border surveillance, patrolling, and activities for disrupting illegal activity, combating cross-border crime and terrorism, radiation detection, identification of mass weapons of destruction and implementation of primary and secondary inspection at the cross border points.

– The program provides assistance for 10 years in Macedonia and this time provided assistance to Macedonia worth 7 million U.S. dollars in the form of donations of equipment and training. In addition, EXBS is sponsoring over 100 training sessions for more than 1,200 employees of the institutions of our partners in the Ministries of Economy, Finance, Foreign Affairs, and Internal Affairs, said Wohlers.

For donation today thanked the Director of Customs Radeska-Krstevska, and among other things stated that cooperation with (EXBS) started in 2004, and during the whole period organized were numerous trainings, seminars and conferences.

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