Meeting of the deputy foreign ministers of Macedonia and Hungary

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Macedonian Deputy Foreign Minister Dragana Kiprijanovska today met with Hungarian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Sijarto , who is visiting the Republic of Macedonia on the occasion of the official opening of the Hungarian trading house in Skopje, inform from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


At the meeting was noted that Macedonia and Hungary have excellent relations and fruitful cooperation and that both countries are committed to the strengthening of relations and deepening of cooperation, especially in the economic sphere.

Kiprijanovska welcomed the opening of the Hungarian Trade House in Skopje and pointed out that it is another step in the direction of stimulating business contacts and the business communities of both countries.

Kiprijanovska and Sijarto also addressed the European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Macedonia, and the Macedonian side expressed high appreciation for the consistent and vocal support from Hungary in this context, it is written in the press release.

– The most efficient development perspective we notice is the country’s integration in the EU and NATO. How long the process of membership in these organizations will last, we do not know. What we do know is that we remain committed to meeting the necessary criteria, the implementation of reforms, the strengthening of good neighborly relations and cooperation with all countries, stressed Kiprijanovska.

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