Merkel: Macedonia should join NATO and the EU

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The unresolved problem with the name and identity between Macedonia and Greece is burden for us, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel today in Dubrovnik to the participants of the meeting of leaders from the “Brdo -Brioni process”.


She added that it must somehow be achieved for Macedonia to join NATO and the European Union.

As MIA reporter informed, she is optimistic that we can find solution for this issue.

– I think we can and must somehow resolve the issue. I personally got involved in it and thought about all the possible combinations of the name, but sometimes I think there is nothing more that can be invented, Merkel said.

Germany, as she mentioned, is ready for constructive work to resolve the issue, but added that without compromise it is not possible.

– In Germany we say “compromise is when everyone involved is equally unhappy.” In a compromise, you cannot expect everything to finish. However, when everyone is equally unhappy, it is a fair compromise. There must a way for Macedonia to join NATO and the European Union, said German Chancellor Eight before leaders from Southeast Europe.

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