Jankuloska: Dragi, Marjan, Tode and Ilo were the best personnel MIA had

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Last night we faced with one of the darkest and most difficult moments in the history of MIA. Last night we lost four of our experienced colleagues, which with their knowledge, professionalism and spirit have left deep mark on us and the ministry. They were and will remain example of how to love own  country and work for the benefit of citizens. Dragi, Marjan, Tode and Ilo were top at the helicopter unit and the best staff MIA had. They were experienced and have spent countless hours in various flight conditions and different actions.


This tearfully was noted by the Minister of Interior Affairs Gordana Jankulovska at the press conference that contained details of the tragedy.

-According to preliminary information, during the night training flight, the helicopter hit aerial pillar of Macedonian Radio Broadcasting, which was 120 meters high. It is helicopter Mi-17-V 5 with license plates MAP 7712 owned by the MIA of Republic of Macedonia. The helicopter flew from Skopje, Kavadarci, Valandovo, Strumica, Berovo, Delcevo and vice versa. It has been serviced regularly and during the flight in which was used night imaging equipment they did not complained on problems, stressed Jankuloska.

Currently is ongoing provision of traces at the spot on which the criminal technical expertise provides appropriate evidence for clarifying the reasons for the tragedy. During the inspection of the site, so far were discovered two black boxes and the equipment for indicating direction of flight that will undergo further forensic expertise. According to international aviation procedures are country of production and construction department

Immediately after the disaster have been taken measures to secure the site by the Ministry of Interior Affairs and is established Commission for investigation of the police helicopter crash composed of experts from various fields in order to determine the reasons and is informed Chief Public Prosecutor of Strumica that conducted on-site inspection.

The helicopter is manufactured 2008 and has equipment for night flying and had regular service, which confirmed its readiness for. The killed people participated in the most difficult and most complex rescue missions and were part of the team that Macedonia has sent to aid Serbia and Bosnia after the floods in these countries.

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