Jankuloska: We will not allow a group thugs to cause violence

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Ten people that participated in violent protests in Tetovo earned criminal charges, and two of them will be brought before judge in pre-trial proceedings, said the Minister of Interior Affairs Gordana Jankoloska during her visit to Gostivar.

jankulovska-sredbа500Minister Jankuloska stressed that in the last days they have been working of the identification of the persons who were organizers of violent protests on July 6 in Tetovo when were injured six police officers.

– In relation to the protests, which unfortunately escalated to violence, the Ministry of Interior Affairs has taken measures aimed at detecting individuals who act aggressively and attacked police servants. After coordination with the Attorney General and identifications was completed, were adopted ten criminal charges. Two if the identified are suspected of acts “participation in mob and preventing police officer in performing activities” and attack of official person in performing activities of security, said Jankuloska.

She said that during the day people will be brought before judge in a prior proceeding of the Basic Court Tetovo and are working to identify other participants in the protest who acted violently.

When asked what MIA has undertaken by frequent calls to violence and ethnic hatred on social networks Jankuloska said::

– Police in last seven days follows the conditions and is intensively working to identify people. We will not allow group of thugs to cause violence and violate the law. It will not difference is publishes articles and photographs for inciting violence and inter-ethnic intolerance. MIA has the capacity to deal with such situation, stressed Jankuloska.

During the visit to the police station in Gostivar Jankuloska attended the opening of the facility for work with children.

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