Religious radicalism behind the protests

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The background of the protestants who demonstrate after the judgment for the case “Monster” is religious radicalism, as part of Albanian nationalism, agree are part of the Albanian media and analysts in the region. Protests followed by radical Islamic elements show another real reason for these protests.


Experts believe the odd religious element in all these protests opened different dimension than what is officially said, dissatisfaction with the verdict.

-The call was published on social networks was with Greater Albania. During the protests have been seen various flags mainly with religious symbols that we see in the Middle East. It opens up whole other matter, other real reason for these protests, said analyst Aleksandar Damovski.

Many of the experts in this subject  state precise scenarios prompted protests from radical Islamist groups.

-Let us not forget that protesters set out from the mosque, and that says a lot, since it is known what is happening in our mosques, some of which, if I’m not mistaken, are renegades from IRC, said in statement for Kurir, former ambassador and current political analyst Risto Nikovski.

Reis-ul-Ulema Sulejman Rexhepi today reacted to the events at recent protests after the verdict. He strongly condemned the protests and the occurred manipulations.

The protests in Skopje were too gruesome. We saw foreign flags with Arabic texts, which do not belong to our nation, our state, even our faith. Those were the flags of ordinary manipulators. Why it is necessary for have the flag of Saudi Arabia flying before on noses Macedonian police. I do not believe that the Arab state will allow them to manipulate with their national flag. Such persons, no doubt, are included in order to devalue the national or religious protest – highlight Reis Rexhepi.

Albanian media from Balkans reacted and emphasized that the way of expressing dissatisfaction is redirecting from Albanian problems.

– The problems of Albanians in Macedonia are ethnic and political character and there is no space for religious problems. The way of expressing dissatisfaction with the religious shouts and religious flags, creates confusion and redirection from Albanian problems, said senior government official in Tirana for Prishtina newspaper “Express”. The paper also asks whether in Skopje protested Arabs or Albanians and said through social networks Albanian majority are expressing criticism on the form and “misuse of protest by some elements and people with religious background.”

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