Macedonian ice cream attracts tourists in the Czech Republic

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In resort Trebonj in the southern part of the Czech Republic, the Castle and Baths are not only attractions for visitors, most of them come here for ice cream, which for 14 years is produced and sold by Macedonian Turan Rexhepi.


This is written in the Czech internet portal “Financhni News” in the interview with Redzepi, whose two pastry shops in summer are open seven days a week from morning to evening, reports MIA from Prague.

– I adapt to what the customers want. In the Czech Republic, for example people want less sweet ice cream than in the countries of former Yugoslavia. I am curious what people think about ice cream and talk with them, says Redzepi for whom locals say they have won popularity with his own recipe and acrobatic skills while serving ice cream.

Claiming that the recipe for ice cream is secret, Redzepi revealed only that it is important to have good raw materials for production, and the flavors are just supplement.

Rexhepi does not complains that in summer is working beyond 16 hours a day, adding that in December he closes on short his stores to visit his relatives in Macedonia.

– I already feel at home here and I want to stay forever, says Redzepi, who speaks five languages ​​and recently in the Czech Republic has brought his wife and two children.

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