Maksteel will meet the requirements for the A integrated environmental permit according the schedule

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Activities for setting up the system for dust collection in “Maksteel” AD Skopje are according the schedule. Until October 31 will be completed the installation of new equipment, and then follows the connection with the existing, the period when Maksteel will not work.


This was stated by General Director of “Maksteel” AD Ivan Banovski during today’s visit to the site where construction work on the dust collection system is performed.

– For two to three weeks the construction and building of the concrete filter plant should be fully completed, then “Beton” will begin the work inside the plant. In parallel in Fakom halls is actively on-going the pre-fabrication and preparation of equipment parts, the structural elements and gas pipe, while Italian STG (STG), which is carrier and chief designer of the plant, has already ordered the parts that are their obligation for purchasing and at the end of the month should arrive in the plant, explained Banovski.

He stressed that all activities are carried out according to the planned dynamics and added that try to implement the plan earlier.

– Predictably, all activities for the installation of the equipment should be completed by November 1, and then follow the activities for connection and setup of new equipment with existing parts and due to that Maksteel will have to stop all its manufacturing activities.

Until then, same as in past two to three years, he noted, Maksteel works with 30 percents of its capacity with aim to reduce air pollution. – The remaining 13 to 14 hours every day we prevent existing equipment and keep it in the best possible condition. We can say that currently we have the least pollution since the existence of the steel mills, said Banovski.

Responding to question, Banovski said that he sees no reason why Maksteel should be immediately closed because, as he emphasized in the period from December 2013 until January this year when Skopje has reached the maximum pollution Maksteel did not work.

Deputy Minister of Environment and Physical Planning Stevo Temelkovski noted that the Ministry tomorrow will have all the data on pollution carried out by Maksteel’s mobile devices for monitoring pollution.

– We regularly monitor pollution and even now have night surveillance for measuring ambient air and discharge of pollutants from plant emissions. However, these visits are not enough and need to work towards strengthening the inspectorate with people and equipment. We are a bit concerned about deadlines. I believe that in the future Maksteel will speed things up to fulfill their obligations, said Temelkovski.

If Maksteel pollute more than allowed, he said, are provided such measures for imposed closing the facility.

Kristian Uzunov, representative citizens from Zhelezara, said that everyone knows the results of pollution, but no one is doing anything.

– For us fines are insignificant even the ones that have been punished so far. It is trite is to allow someone to work and poisons citizens, and that impose penalties. The only penalty is to close facilities of pollutants until they meet environmental standards. If they do not do that, they should dislocate the plant at distance of 50 kilometers from the township or let it close, Uzunov said.

He noted that citizens of Zhelezara would put pressure until Maksteel and other contaminants in Skopje start working following the environmental standards prescribed by the European Union.

President of DOM Liliana Popovska pointed that the only solution is immediately stop of work of Maksteel.

– All given deadlines are passed and there is no longer time to wait and to allow poisoning of Skopje and Skopje citizens. Closing the Maksteel is only fair and honest solution and we should not abandon it. Therefore, I have proposed the Maksteel management immediately to close facilities until fulfillment of prescribed conditions and to spare up from pollution. Their mistake is that they did not started on time with the adjustment. That is why we should continue with pressure and ask for immediate stop, Popovski said.

Setting dust collection system will cost “Maksteel” AD from 10 to 10.5 million euro. The deadline for establishing system is October 31, 2014, after receiving prolonging of 6 months.

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