Gruevski: Protests are not in the Macedonians nor Albanians interest

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Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski with due seriousness and monitors the protests that are happening these days after the judgment in the case “Monster”.


He noted that which,  protests are peaceful and that citizens want to exercise their specific rights and impose certain ideas, is democratic achievement. Such, he said, exist in every democratic country and are always supported and have impact.

-However, protest that use violence is something that no one can support, none state, in any environment, nor in our country. From that aspect I would like to say that the Ministry of Interior Affairs did its job on very professional way in the past few days and we as a country will not allow these protests to escalate to such extent to threaten the interests of citizens or institutions, said Gruevski.

He warned that there are some organizations and individuals, which in the past few days are trying to “depict fuel to the fire,” probably for some of their own personal agenda, he said, certainly it is not the government’s agenda.

-These people are doing that, certainly are not working for the interests of the Macedonians, nor for the interests of the Albanians nor the interests of all others who live in Macedonia. They work for the benefit of neither Christians nor Muslims. Either they work on their own or somebody else’s agenda. However, we as country, as institutions have the capacity to deal with these and many of these less favorable situations, said Gruevski.

Asked whether he discussed this topic with Ahmeti, Gruevski replied that as allies they have daily contacts with the Government.

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