Trajanovski: ZELS will advocate for electronic adoption of DUP plans

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Association of Local Government of the Republic of Macedonia-ZELS works compact, independent of political or ethnic affiliation. Decisions are made in the interest of citizens and all communities, regardless of their size or what part of the country they are located.


This President ZELS Trajanovski Koce, who added that one of the greatest achievements of ZELS in 2013 is that the Republic of Macedonia became the second country in the world in which building permits are issued electronically.

– At the beginning we had problems until it started to work, but now the problems are overcome thanks to the support of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, which provided financial help for building the software, and the support from all mayors and professional services from urban areas, said Trajanovski.


Another gain is during 2013, as stated Trajanovski is that ZELS Training Center trained more than 3,000 civil servants from different areas.

-Training center will remain place where civil servants from local governments can acquire knowledge, clarification of the regulations and etc., he said.

In 2014, as he pointed out, one of the main projects of ZELS is electronic adoption of the detailed urban plans, an important process for local government, and continuation of the training in ZELS Training Center.


– We expect to increase the percentage of VAT for fund the local government, and also will ask the Government of the Republic of Macedonia for local government to receive the process from the concessions of the agricultural land in relation to the improvement of the financial position and independence of local government, said Trajanovski.

The session, except by the President of ZELS Trajanovski, was addressed by the Minister of Local Government Lirim Shabani and the Swiss Ambassador Stefano Lazaroto, longtime supporter of democratic processes in local government in the country.

Minister for Local Government Lirim Shabani stated that he expects cooperation with ZELS aimed at, as he said creating policies that would contribute to greater development of regions and improvement of the lives of citizens and strive for consistent implementation of the decentralization process and equal regional development.

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