Duty medical service during the summer in Peshtani

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Director of the Health Insurance Fund of Macedonia Maja Parnardzieva-Zmejkova today as part of her stay in Ohrid, visited the newly opened already functional dispersed ambulance in tourist resort Peshtani.


She stressed that the duty medical service will mean better health care, for the Fund insurers and tourists in the area, but also certain relief in the emergency of medical care, so that will be avoid intervene in some minor cases of medical services through hiring vehicles and medical teams.

– The idea is to find permanent solution, so that this location in the future will get a doctor who will work here permanently. Until then medical services will operate in this way. Any insured person will be urgently reviewed, and tourists who will receive certain type of treatment. Complex cases will be channeled into the emergency medical aid, said Parnardzieva-Zmejkova.

During the upcoming summer tourist season, the ambulance in Peshtani will run every day, from 8 to 20 and on weekends from 8 to 15.

– On weekends the duty medical service will be enforce with doctors who will rotate in two shifts, while on weekdays the health services will perform the doctors from Health Center in Ohrid, added Parnardzieva-Zmejkova.

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