Agreement on intensified cooperation with province Guangdong

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Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia, Nikola Gruevski in City Guangzhou in People’s Republic of China, met with delegation of Chinese officials from Guangdong province, led by Vice Governor of the Province, Shu Shaohua.

Sredba_Gruevski_-_Shu_Shaohua (1)Sredba_Gruevski_-_Shu_Shaohua (1)

Province Guangdong is fastest growing economic region in the People’s Republic of China. It has foreign trade of one trillion dollars last year, and gross domestic product worth over trillion dollars. There are living 106 million citizens, and its capital is Guangzhou, where are living around 10 million people. Trade exchange between Macedonia – Guangdong is 20 million dollars and there is option for upgrading and in volume and quality.

Both sides stressed the strong commitment for intensification, enhancement, and promotion of economic cooperation in many fields of common interest.

It was particularly stressed the possibility of realization of investments of Peoples Republic of China in our country, cooperation in tourism through arrangements of Chinese tourists in the country, the possibility of export of Macedonian agricultural products in the province Guangdong.

It was highlighted the strong political support for the implementation of these goals and encouragement of economic entities from both sides on cooperation on specific projects.

It was agreed that expert teams from both sides in the future to begin work on defining the fields and procedures of cooperation, the possibility of achieving enhanced trade between the two sides and review of specific projects for implementation.

Prime Minister Gruevski presented the benefits our country provides to foreign investors for doing business in our country, the low tax package, skilled and educated workforce, and the benefits offered in technological industrial development zones. He initiated and topics for cooperation in the field of exporting Macedonian agricultural products in Guangdong.

-It is economically very strong province, which has developed many business, many companies, lot of money, many investors and many opportunities for investment in Macedonia. It was important to meet with the authorities because it is important their support and message, and I was pleased that virtually all topics opened with authorities were well resonate and accepted with confidence that will give their full support and signal to companies to invest in the Republic Macedonia. The authorities agreed technical teams from both sides to continue to work on the details of the cooperation. After given political support, now officials from both sides will have to work out the details, to specify and start the implementation, said Prime Minister Gruevski after the meeting.

Vice Governor Shaohua positively assessed the visit of the Macedonian delegation Guangdong as an opportunity to present options for cooperation. He assessed the meeting as productive and successful, gave positive assessment of initiated topics by the Macedonian side and stressed that political officials will provide support through personal commitment towards encouraging and fostering Chinese businessmen to establish cooperation with Macedonia.

-First, we will encourage more entrepreneurs Guangdong to visit Macedonia, in particular the technological-industrial development zones in Macedonia. We want to encourage them to open business or factory there. Second, we will encourage more tourists to visit Macedonia and to visit Europe. In future, we want to import more agricultural products from Macedonia, meat and fruit. We have open market where Macedonian companies can enter, said Vice Prime Minister Shaohua after the meeting.

Both sides discussed possibilities for cooperation in the field of education through scholarships and exchange students from both countries for studying at universities in both countries.

It was given positive assessment of cooperation in the field of medicine and in near future should be specified the specific modalities.

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