Congratulations From Gruevski to Barosso on the Occasion of Europe Day

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The Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski on the occasion of May 9th – Europe Day, sent congratulations to the President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barosso.

– Let me congratulate May 9th, Europe Day, the day that symbolizes the European unity and aspiration for permanent peace and prosperity on our continent. The bold ideas of the founding fathers of the EU transformed Europe and inspired the nations to build a mutual space for reconciliation, solidarity and collaboration, while nurturing their own characteristics, traditions and cultural values. Today the European union is a symbol of democracy, domination of justice, respecting the human rights and economical freedoms, to which aspire all Balkan countries, including the Republic of Macedonia, says Gruevski.

The citizens of the Republic of Macedonia highly appreciate the support that the European Commission gives for our integration in the EU, just like the fact that the Commission is urging the opening of the negotiations for membership.

– The High Level Accession Dialogue with the Commission brings a new positive dynamic in the process of European integration and I am convinced that it will result in concrete achievements, successes and results that will be useful for our citizens and also strengthen our position in the accession, while providing extra value to the arguments that the negotiations with Macedonia should begin as soon as possible, says the Prime Minister Gruevski.

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