PHOTO: The pilots will be choosen from the remaining 34 candidates

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Minister of Interior Affairs Gordana Jankulovska together with the Director of the Public Security Bureau within the Ministry of Interior Affairs Mitko Chavkov today visited the Center for pilot training in the barracks “Strasho Pindzur” in Petrovac.

The visit is aimed at marking the beginning of the so called AIR Screening – Selection in the air of the first group of candidates for admission for police helicopter pilots following the competition of MIA released few months ago.

Thus by the managers of the Center Jankuloska was informed for the selection of applicants and for this new phase of AIR Screening – selection which will take place in two parts for the 34 remaining candidates.

The first group of seventeen candidates will be today selected in the air will have to be completed until the 17 next month, while the second selection for group of 17 candidates will start on August 11 and will runs until September 12.

Otherwise, as previously informed the Ministry of Interior Affairs at the competition for admission and training of 12 pilots for the needs of the helicopter unit at MIA reported that have applied 469 candidates (out of which 407 were men and 59 women). In the past few months have been realized several types of selection.

During administrative selection 44 candidates failed due to the age limit (out of them 38 male and 6 female candidates). Then at the check of the physical abilities were called 422 candidates out of which 298 have successfully passed this stage of selection, and this was followed by testing for English proficiency which was successfully passed by the 214 candidates out of which 182 men and 32 women.

At the medical examinations were conducted according to criteria CBC fail 16 candidates, and the remaining 198 candidates were referred to the so-called Selection of country and successfully passed the 35 candidates, 30 men and 5women.

This was followed by the phase of aviation medical examinations where only one candidate has fallen away, and the remaining 34 candidates are referred to AIR Screening – Selection that will be realized in the next two months.

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