New government measures for youth, students, and pensioners

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On today’s government meeting were adopted several measures for young people, students and pensioners.

The first measure is projecting addition to the project “Buy a house, buy an apartment,” or reducing the interest rate from 4.99% to 3.95% for the first three years and 5.5% to 4.44% for the fourth and fifth year.

-By the reduction of interest rate, all who decide to use the project in the first three years would save about 1,800 euro to 50,000 euro credit or those who take the credit for buying house or apartment will be saving 2 to 3 thousand euro, Gruevski said, adding that the cost of the reduced interest rate will be paid from the budget of the Republic of Macedonia.

It would be increased the threshold of the monthly installment for the project from 900 to 1,300 euro for marriages and current threshold of maximum 900 euro monthly installment will remain for those who are not married.

On today’s government session was adopted decision to start the project implementation Free Thursdays, which provides free tickets for students in all public cultural institutions the cinema, theater, exhibitions, concerts, opera and ballet, as well as free transport railway to the Millennium Cross.

The third measure that was adopted today at a cabinet meeting is free rail or discount for using it.

-The purpose of this measure is greater mobility and increased use of rail transport, said Gruevski, who explained that the measure provides free transport for pensioners during the weekend, I.e. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, every second weekend of the month.

Young people under 27 can use free rail transport into the third weekend of the month, and this measure provides a 50% discount card for rail transportation for the students, as well as free travel for students every Thursday.

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