Divljak-Tomikj: We thank Macedonia for your humanity and solidarity

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Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Macedonia today thanked to all those who donated to help the flooded areas in their country. At the reception at the Embassy of Serbia were awarded certificates of appreciation to the donors of humanitarian aid.

Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia in Macedonia Dushanka Divjak-Tomikj expressed tremendous gratitude to Macedonian citizens and especially to the Government for the generous help in sorting out the aftermath of the floods in Serbia.

Appreciation for the assistance received Government of Republic of Macedonia, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Special Unit “Tiger”, MIA, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Culture, VMRO-DPMNE, Border Police, Customs Administrations Tabanovce and Preshevo, ELEM, Skopje municipalities Aerodrom, Kisela Voda, Gorche Petrov, Ohrid, Bitola, Shtip, many other government institutions and municipalities, the Red Cross, Doctors Chamber, businesses, individuals and the media.

She stressed that Macedonia during the floods in Serbia donated about half a million euro.

– But it is just the part that we managed to report so far, and numbers do not mean anything, it means more aid from the heart and that arrived assistance from Macedonia in the first minute when the Serbian Government have recourse to all countries worldwide. Assistance from Macedonia is very important to us and it just confirms the friendship between our peoples and countries, said Ambassador Divjak-Tomikj.

She expressed gratitude to Macedonia for its humanity and solidarity, stressing that Macedonia was among the first countries that sent aid to Serbia.

– Macedonia was among the first to donate to Serbia, not only donations were sent very quickly, but also Macedonia helped in saving the lives of people in the most critical stages of flooding. The water was already high and every minute was important. The support was provided by representatives of the Army and the ARM’s actions were particularly valuable for us, she stressed.

Red Cross of Macedonia said that donations for flood victims will continue until June 15.

– As of today, in Serbia and BiH were delivered about 45 trailers humanitarian aid, or about 900 tons. By the end of the week we have stock of ten items and we think to end up with material aid. As for the collected funds, according to the latest data of our solidarity bank account, are collected over 9 million MKD as of yesterday, while from the mobile operators amount is around 11 million MKD, or total of 21 million MKD, said General Secretary of Red Cross, Sait Saiti.

According to him, this humanitarian action for assisting victims of the flooding areas in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina is the largest and most successful action to date within the Red Cross.

Republic of Macedonia, as he stressed, is one of the leading states and possibly leading to the provision of assistance to flood areas in Serbia and BiH.

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