Training: Evaluation of administration according to the principle 360 ​​degrees

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Ministry of Information Society and Administration in collaboration with the School of Public Administration ENA in France, Wednesday and Thursday to conduct training on “Management with the performance and evaluation of the administration under the principle 360 ​​degrees”.

The purpose of the training, according to the Ministry, is civil servants to inform with this grading system, which will be presented by experts from France. The training consists of several sessions, and certificates will be awarded after its completion. Target group are civil servants whose jobs are related to the management of human resources, and government officials who are responsible for coordinating the evaluation process at the central and local government.

The training was opened by State Secretary in the Ministry of Information Society and Administration, Jahi Jahia and French Ambassador to Macedonia Laurence Auer, who emphasized the significance and importance of setting standards that create a competent and professional administration.

– We believe the experience of public administration in the Republic of France as a member of the EU, with a long historical tradition of building and continuous improvement of democracy, rule of law and especially the established professional upgrading, service-oriented and transparent civil service system is of paramount importance to us. We are currently preparing for the implementation of the new Law on Administrative officers, and for the first time there will be crossing from classic, one-sided model of assessment (superior-inferior) to the brand new model of assessment – the so-called Model 360 degrees, Secretary Jahia said in his address.

French ambassador Auer noted that the event is the first activity that is conducted under an agreement signed with the Ministry of Information Society and Administration a half a year ago.

– It is a new methodology that applies to assessment staff and a useful tool for evaluating the performance of the civil service. French Embassy always focus on the quality of trainers in these processes, so this time we expect practices and experiences of the experts at the School of Public Administration ENA of France to be successfully transferred, Ambassador Auer said.

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