Unemployment in Macedonia continue to decline

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The number of unemployed in the first quarter of the year was 272,115 persons. The unemployment rate is 28.4 percents and is for 1.5 percents lower than the first quarter of 2013, according to the State Statistical Office.

58.8 percents of the unemployed were men and 41.2 percents women. According to  the age from 15 to 24 years 52.8 percents were unemployed, from 25 to 49 years 25.2 percents were unemployed, from 50 to 54 years 23 percents and over 65 years, 27.8 percents were unemployed.

Out of the unemployed, with no education are 3.719 people, with incomplete primary education 9394 people, 61,497 people with primary education with three years, with high school 24 276 people, with four years of secondary school 131 712 people, with post-secondary education by 3093 people and 38,425 people with high education.

In this quarter, 686,277 people were employed.

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