PRO published list of debtors

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Public Revenue Office on its website released the first list of companies and people who owe the state amounts in respect of VAT, income tax, personal income tax, contributions for mandatory social insurance, excise and duties.

The list includes the names of individuals and sole proprietors whose total amount of debt is higher than the MKD 120,000, as well as legal entities with debts over 300.000.

If the taxpayer disagrees with the published data for the debts in respect of VAT, income tax, personal income tax and contributions for mandatory social insurance may address the competent Regional Public Revenue Office.

For debts in respect of Excise duty and VAT on imports, citizens and businesses can contact the Customs Administration-Division of revenue collection, budget analysis and guarantees (tel.02/3293 978 or 02/3293 971)

The publication of the list of debtors will be done once a month, no later than the 10th of the month.

The names of those subjects or citizens and companies who settled their obligations to the country won’t be on the list.

PRO emphasize this measure is consistent with Article 9 of the Law on Tax Procedure aimed at strengthening the tax discipline and budget protection.


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