Theological Faculty in Skopje and the Moscow Spiritual Academy deepen their cooperation

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Archbishop Vereyski Evgeni, rector of the Moscow Spiritual Academy (MDU), who from today until 13 June is visiting Macedonia, said the visit is of a scientific nature and that will not affect the problems of canonical type. His Eminence Evgeni met his host, the rector of the University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” Velimir Stojkovski, to discuss mutual cooperation.

Skopje University and the Moscow Spiritual Academy in January last year signed a cooperation agreement, and a few months later a major symposium on Saints Cyril and Methodius was realized, with the participation of representatives of the MDU, the Theological Faculty of the University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” and the Russian Academy.

– We appreciate this cooperation because we are Slavic countries and appreciate the importance of Clement for the education. We make such agreements with many universities worldwide. The purpose of our visit is primarily to make scientific contacts. Here you have a Faculty of Theology, and certain problems of canonical type that will not be tackled this time, it is not the goal of our visit. Hopefully it will help us to solve our own internal problems, the recognition of diplomas does not sole everything, said His Eminence Evgeni.

Currently ten people from Macedonia are studying at the Moscow Spiritual Academy.

– Moscow Spiritual Academy counts 700 people, which is no small figure. What students learn in Moscow may result in some mitigation or resolving some of the problems that exist between the churches, Archbishop Vereyski Evgeni said.

The Academy has already created Balkan cabinet, which according to His Eminence Evgeni is practically bridge or the connection between the two universities.

– We hope to expand these contacts and gain the positive results of our cooperation, His Eminence Evgeni said.

Archbishop Evgeni said service for Orthodox believers in Macedonia is not planned, since the visit is of a scientific nature, but he will visit many churches and monasteries.

– Personally I’m for the first time in Macedonia and it will be very interesting the life in the country and churches, Archbishop Evgeni said.

The University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” in January last year signed a cooperation agreement with Moscow Spiritual Academy, which is a leading institution of Orthodox theology.

According to the rector of the University in Skopje Velimir Stojkovski this cooperation agreement is of great importance not only for the University but also wider because it opens new opportunities for cooperation between the two universities, exchange of students, various scientific symposia and joint research projects.

– As a result of this collaboration we realized a project that ended in September last year for the Saints Cyril and Methodius and it was a great symposium with the participation of researchers from our university, the MDU and the Russian Academy. This is really very important for our University and especially our Orthodox Theological Faculty, Stojkovski said.


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