PHOTO: Promotion of the New Unit for Public Order and Interventions

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207 members of the special units comprise the new Unit for Public Order and Interventions, which was launched today by Minister of Internal Affairs Gordana Jankulovska.

Jankulovska noted that this year there is positive trend in terms of disturbing public order and peace in the region of Skopje. In the first quarter of 2014 a total of 325 offenses in the area of ​​public order and peace were registered, compared to the same period last year when 830 offenses were registered. The new Unit for Public Order and interventions will maintain this positive trend.

– The Unit for Public Order and Interventions will take care about the maintenance of public order and public gatherings of all kinds, starting from sports and cultural events, announced and unannounced meetings of citizens and other forms of citizens’ dissatisfaction expressed through organized or unorganized public gatherings. This unit will be tasked to perform regular police duties with the principle of territorial coverage of rural areas of police stations of general jurisdiction in SVR Skopje, as well as in urban areas with moto-patrols and pedestrian patrols, Jankuloska said.

This unit, as she said, is a separate internal organization and is equipped with special equipment for establishing and maintaining public order and performing other complex security tasks.

The main task of the Unit for Public Order and Interventions is the protection of the life and property of citizens.

– This unit will operate in the prevention of criminal acts with elements of violence and detention of dangerous offenders, or will be specialized for action in urban and rural areas, the minister added.

The members of this special unit were selected by police officers from the departments of general patrols East, West and South, formed in 2011 and from the police stations of general jurisdiction who have been trained to maintain public order at public gatherings and events, preventing to commit crimes and offenses and detection of offenders.

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