Policeman from Skopje got moto-scooters

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In gratitude for the cooperation and deepen the city of Skopje gave symbolic 5 moto-scooters donation at the Skopje police.

Donation today was received by the Minister of Interior Affairs Gordana Jankulovska from Mayor of Skopje Koce Trajanovski.

Mayor Trajanovski noted that they so far had constant meetings with MOI and announced that on such a meeting was concluded that cooperation between mobile police and representatives of local communities as the lowest unit of the municipality will be enhanced and will provide greater security in city Skopje.

Jankuloska expressed gratitude for the donation and conclude that it is a confirmation of the previous continuous coordination between the Ministry of Interior Affairs and the City of Skopje, adding that today’s meeting was used to discuss joint projects and priorities in the coming period relating to public order, security and traffic conditions in Skopje.

– Such projects are common neighborhood patrols except where the law enforcement officers in the appropriate jurisdictions will include representatives of local government, the secretary of the local communities, mobile police stations that practically are the request of the citizens of City of Skopje for as much as possible visible police presence in every part of the city, said Jankuloska.

The Minister pointed out that it was discussed about the projects related to the specific age groups, youth at risk who will be given special attention because of the occurrence of certain antisocial and deviant behavior among young people and help for the elderly people who are need extra care and attention from the police.

Joint teams of local governments and representatives of the Ministry in the following period will realize direct visits to the elderly people to obtain information whether they face any kind of problems with their safety and to determine whether there is a danger of disturbing the public order.

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