SDSM defends the disruption of peace and order

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SDSM at no point put defended the public order and condemned acts of vandalism of individuals who did not intend to protest peacefully, but according to video materials published by MoIA, apparently the vandals came to cause unrest through burning, destroying and throwing stones at police.

SDSM Secretary General Oliver Spasovski at yesterday’s the press conference attacked the professional police officers who risk their lives in preventing a number of hooligans to get their revenge and destabilize the situation.

– We believe that by watching these video materials, they will recognize that their support is in the wrong direction and that their performances contribute to inflaming passions and further motivating the thugs. MoIA expects all political parties to contribute to ease tensions and to pay tribute to law enforcement authorities for effective case for the investigation, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

People who openly support SDSM public policies supported the violence and destruction of public order and peace. Branko Geroski wrote that he will not join those who call for peace and calm the situation.

– I am sorry that this time I will not join with my own appeal, but I’ll explain why I act different. By calling for a reasonable behavior, my dears, we achieve nothing, except we legitimate the evil, reducing its consequences, and the chances people to recognize it and resist it. We pulled the justified indignation of the people to ourselves, as if we are required to provide reliable and quiet life, Geroski writes.

We do not know whether to feel some responsibility towards the hooligans, but it can not and must not be bigger than the responsibility they have to the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia and state institutions, says in a statement from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

MoIA again appeals political parties and citizens to remain low-key and allow law enforcement to smoothly complete all legal procedures about proving the responsibility of the suspect. Do not allow to be manipulated and drawn into more serious incidents that could have far-reaching consequences.

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