MPC will donate three million denars assistance for Serbia and BiH

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Macedonian Orthodox Church with the financial support of 3,000,000 MKD is involved in the action to help Serbia and BiH affected by floods.

– Referring to the appeals of the Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucikj and His Holiness Serbian Patriarch HH Irenaeus, for the Christian charity and brotherly aid, MOC joins the action, which these days is taking place in the country to collect the necessary assistance, it is said in the statement from the Synod of the Orthodox Church.

Synod with care and concern follows the events in relation to the devastating floods.

– We pray the Merciful God and Savior and for the souls of those killed by the floods, but the persistence of living in these trials, in the spirit of our holy religion, as our nations throughout history have always exceeded, it is said the statement from the Holy Synod of the MOC.

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