Ivanov: Status quo frustrates, we expect date at the next Summit

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Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov at todays meeting with EU Commissioner for Enlargement Stefan Füle in Brussels, said that the status quo regarding the Macedonian integration frustrates and urged Macedonia to get date for negotiations at the upcoming Summit of the European Council, and parallel to solves the bilateral dispute with Greece.

As MIA reporter informs, Füle congratulated on his second term Ivanov and his choice, same as when he got first term and his first official visit in Brussels, but he sought successful to overcome objections in reports Commission and OSCE / ODIHR for our country.

According to the information from Ivanov’s office, Commissioner Füle congratulated his re-election as head of state, noting satisfaction with cooperation in the first term and readiness for successful and open cooperation in the new mandate. The head for enlargement noted that the main challenges are current political situation in Europe and the Balkans, especially in Macedonia.

From the Cabinet of Macedonian President inform that at the meeting had been exchanged information regarding the integration process in the European Union, the situation in Macedonia in recent elections, the latest developments at the United Nations and the negotiations for imposed name dispute.

Ivanov and Füle also discussed the current situation in the region and good neighborly relations. From the Cabinet of the President Ivanov say that Commissioner pointed out that the prolonged wait for the next step at the Euro – Atlantic integration helps in speeding up reforms and overcoming objections from the last progress report on the country by the European Commission.

– Status – quo creates frustration in our society. It is not as good for Macedonia and the region, the credibility of expansion. Macedonia seeks at the upcoming Summit of the European Council and for the country to be applied as positive movement in the parallel integration and overcoming the bilateral dispute, said Ivanov to the commissioner for enlargement.

The Cabinet of the President of the Republic of Macedonia said Commissioner Füle had told Ivanov that the reform process in the country must continue to focus on overcoming objections in the reports of the European Commission and OSCE / ODIHR.

Füle said that after the election of the new composition of the European Parliament, which will be held before the end of this month, he is ready to continue constructive dialogue with President regarding the challenges and opportunities in the future.

After this meeting, late afternoon, Ivanov in the building “Zhustus Lipsius” will meet with the head of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy who is expected to announce the same expectations of the country from the official Brussels in relation to the Macedonian Integration.

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